Preparation Questions

Before each class lecture I will post here a list of preparation questions. These questions are designed to prepare you for each new topic. If we have a pop quiz on the listed day, it may include these questions AND at least one surprise question from previous lectures to encourage  review. I recommend you thus have answers for them — at least in your head! — before each class meeting. You will have twelve pop quizzes by the end of the course, with the lowest two grades dropped. They count for a total of 25% of your final grade. If you are absent for any reason when a quiz is given (other than a scheduled college event you told me about in advance), your grade will be recorded as a zero. You may use any source to answer these questions before class. For a quiz, of course, you’re on your own. Since we don’t have a traditional textbook, you’ll find most of the answers by searching online.

August 25 (Friday) —

1. What is the Law of Superposition in geology? (A simple scientific concept if there ever was one!)

2. What is the difference between relative time and absolute time? Please give a simple example of each.

3. Be prepared to answer questions about the Geologic Time Scale. Memorize our required-time-scale, in fact.

[I’ve helped you this time with a link. Note that I am Wikipedia-friendly.]

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