Our Cenozoic Mammalian Cousins (continued) (November 27 – December 1)

Please review the links from last week as we continue discussing the Mammalian Radiation in the Cenozoic.

Here is the Fall 2017 Final Exam description. (Test time: December 12 (Tuesday), 9:00 a.m. to noon. Test seating: Students with last names starting with A through H in Room 205; I-Z in Room 216. Don’t miss the final exam — if you do I’m required to give you a zero.) Those superquizzes are your encouragement to study!

Remember: Review sessions every Wednesday, 3:30 – 4:30 pm, in Scovel 205.

Mammoth tooth surface (Pleistocene of Ohio).

Geology in the News –

Amazingly, 208 of the more than 5,200 minerals are related to human activity. New minerals have formed in all sorts of human-created niches, from shipwrecks to cabinetry. Welcome to the Anthropocene.

Here’s a cool look at the surface under an Antarctic ice sheet. There is more topography than previously thought, which may be good news as it may be retarding overall melting.

There was once a view that liquid water, even if a salty brine, still flowed on Mars. Geologists put an end to that speculation.

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