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The Very Beginning: Origin of the Universe, the Early Earth & Life (September 4-8)

We’ll start the week finishing the biological basis of evolution, and then work into physical origins. Please review the links from last week, especially on DNA. Here’s a cool YouTube video of the “known universe” produced by the American Museum … Continue reading

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Mechanisms of Organic Change: Evolution (August 28 – September 1)

Lots of material this week. Note that you do not need to read every word of every source. These are supplementary resources for your understanding of the topics. Start with a good definition of evolution, for you will soon see … Continue reading

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Antiquity of the Earth and Life (August 23 & 25)

Geologic time is a fascinating topic. It is so unimaginably long it has been called “deep time”. Please learn the Geologic Time Scale as soon as possible because it is the chronological language of this course. Because you certainly don’t … Continue reading

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